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How Do You Begin Your Journey of Personal Changes with Awareness of the Big Picture?

What causes you to struggle with your weight?


It is rare to have someone tell you that you are overweight due to MANY different choices you make on a moment-to-moment basis. It is your environment, lifestyle, personal conditioning, genetics, past life challenges & issues, and habits that keep you overweight. It’s NOT just diet or exercise, but all of factors in your life that influence your choices. Set your eyes on: Your Life–Everything Is Interconnected!

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As you learn about your choices and the patterns they form, make small changes, and learn new skills, then day-by-day, overtime, you form new habits. These new patterns gradually bring to you NEW RESULTS (being thinner, healthier, and happier). This happens as you learn to practice problem solving when you relapse to old ways of doing things. Over time, you learn what works and what doesn’t work for you. You cultivate within you the awareness of your answers to the challenges you face! You will discover What You Plant Is What You Get!

See the Socio-Ecological Model–Looking Beyond the Individual and When Society Becomes An Addict! for ideas about how our USA culture affects each of us.

Feast on a Banquet of Practical Wisdom…..

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My focus in Balanced Weight Management is Health-At-Any-Size. This includes eating well (with pleasure and awareness), living actively (celebrating the joy of movement), and feeling good about yourself  (respecting and honoring yourself with your choices) and others. I encourage you to explore those areas of the Web site that you’re interested in.  Every section discusses an aspect of whole-person health: health of body, mind, and spirit. Check out the Dieting versus the Non-Dieting Approach section for new perspectives on your journey towards greater health and well-being. See below for some ideas of where to start.

I suggest you first  Set Your Intention for Your Life:

To lose weight and keep it off-permanently, (weight maintenance), you will need to make changes in the way you live your life. An essential skill and practice is for YOU to become your own personal lifestyle coach.

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To begin, DELVE INTO: How to Get The Most Out of This Website

Also EXPLORE: Discover and Apply Your Own Maintenance Schedule

Next, use the guidelines of the Daily Personal Check-In .

Remember that: Small Baby Steps Lead to Success. YES, I Can Change!


How do you begin to be Lighter & Free from the Inside Out?

Are you wanting to achieve a healthier weight or lifestyle?

Do you find it hard to lose weight and to keep it off? Let’s begin to explore the lifestyle skills that will help you do that.

As you learn them, you develop “skill power” so you don’t need will power!

It’s Never Too Early…or Late…to Take 21 Steps to Aging Successfully!

21 StepsTo AgingSuccessfully! Bob Wilson

Discover How to Become Lighter & Free From the Inside Out.

Make an investment in you so that you can age successfully!

KEY messages and posters that are included in my Playbook


In Bob Wilson’s artful and heartful playbook, you’ll discover how you can create healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable changes in your life. You will come to understand how each of your daily choices affects your body, mind, and spirit, and how everything is interconnected.

Become Your Own Lifestyle Coach as You Learn 12 Essential Skills!

We’ll explore the process of making lasting changes in areas that matter most for you. You’ll learn lots about yourself, discover ways to get back on track when you fall back to old habits, and learn how to keep motivated to achieve your dreams.

Explore visions of health and…

 transform them into realities.

You make the difference!

Discover how to become your own mindful and compassionate lifestyle self-manager as you cultivate 12 essential skills that create life-long well-being, a healthy weight, and a more vibrant friskiness.

The 12 Essential Skills of Lighter & Free from the Inside Out:                       

1. Beginning Your Journey: Becoming Aware of the Big Picture

2. Cultivating Balance in Your Life

3. Becoming Your Own Lifestyle Self-Manager

4. Discovering the Power of FUN: Celebrating Enjoyable Ways to Be Active for Life!

5. Cultivating a Sustainable, Healthful Plan of Eating

6. Planning and Preparing Delicious Recipes, Meals, and Snacks in a Hectic World

7. Eating with Awareness and Pleasure

8. Transforming Emotional Eating

9. Self-esteem and Self-nurturing: Developing an Unconditional Friendship with Yourself

10. Seeking Support, Counseling, and Outside Resources for Your Journey

11. Cultivating Daily Quiet and Personal Introspection Time 

12. Maintenance: Learning How to Cultivate Lifelong Well-Being

Explore the Table of Contents: TABLE OF CONTENTS Lighter & Free from the Inside Out.pdf

Review for: Lighter & Free from the Inside Out (Paperback)

Bob Wilson’s book is the most comprehensive one I’ve ever seen in the area of balanced living and self-love. Although it’s directed to people trying to manage their relationship with food, its wisdom and humor can touch anyone trying to substitute critical voices in their heads with loving ones and who are trying to get a handle on a life that seems to be veering out of control. I enjoyed the folksiness and pragmatic hints that pervade throughout and loved the wonderful, easy menu ideas and the fabulous illustrations by Carol DeGregory. I would recommend to the reader to not be overwhelmed by all the amazing content. . .rather than reading it from cover to cover, let the content page guide you to those areas that speak to you at the moment. I hope the book sells like hotcakes, preferably ones made with whole grain. From Amazon post.

To purchase the Playbook:

Small Baby Steps Lead to Success


Discover the Power of FUN: Celebrate Enjoyable Ways to be Active for Life!

Get Vertical! Rise up and shine! Discover how to frolic in nature.

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The reward for consistent physical activity is vibrancy! To keep motivated, a goal is to make the “E” word not only “exercise” but also “enjoyment.” It is essential to focus on your FUN, favorite things—things you really like doing. For me, I like things like gardening, going for walks in my neighborhood with friends, and hiking in nature. That was the key for me: doing those things I already liked to do.

Be flexible and jump into a variety of physical activities. Dance, garden, bike, swim, walk or lift weights–anything you enjoy that fits your lifestyle.

Feel the power. Celebrate the inner strength and sense of well being that come from allowing your body to experience the joy of movement. Living an active lifestyle is a miracle tonic!

Make fitness a priority. Plan family and personal vacations around fitness, or invite a colleague to “do business” over a walk rather than lunch, coffee or drinks. Walk to the bank to use the teller machine. It’s like winning the lottery. You put your card in and money comes out!

Learn how to frolic In Nature! Here are some gorgeous areas you’ll see in the pictures at the top of this post that I have just visited. Today I hiked to 2 gorgeous places in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

Every time that I hike in nature I am reminded of the payoff–the benefits of keeping fit and healthy. If I still weighed 400 pounds, I never would be able to walk and gawk in these beautiful spots. I hope you enjoy visiting these areas with me. Notice the Benefits of Being Active!

Check out the Frolic in Nature link for pictures of some amazing places in the Pacific Northwest. Frolic In Nature! and The Power Of Fun!

How about for Bob? What Is Bob’s Regular Workout? and Investigate The Anatomy of Persistence–How Does Bob Keep Going When Injured?

If you struggle with some physical limitations and can’t be as active as you want, perhaps check out: Exercising with Health and Physical Challenges and Managing Emotional Pain of Chronic Illness and Trauma

To check out the whole section on my site that explores being more active go to:

If you’re a Facebook user, look up and “like” Fitting in Fitness, at This group is powered by the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services Department.Healthy Living in the Northwest BLOG: related blog is at are by the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services Department.

Now it’s your turn to explore what’s right for you. What do you enjoy? What fits your abilities, finances, and schedule? How can you adapt to life’s changes in ways that enable you to remain consistently active?

Have fun and happy almost summer!

🙂 Bob