Discover the Power of FUN: Celebrate Enjoyable Ways to be Active for Life!

Get Vertical! Rise up and shine! Discover how to frolic in nature.

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The reward for consistent physical activity is vibrancy! To keep motivated, a goal is to make the “E” word not only “exercise” but also “enjoyment.” It is essential to focus on your FUN, favorite things—things you really like doing. For me, I like things like gardening, going for walks in my neighborhood with friends, and hiking in nature. That was the key for me: doing those things I already liked to do.

Be flexible and jump into a variety of physical activities. Dance, garden, bike, swim, walk or lift weights–anything you enjoy that fits your lifestyle.

Feel the power. Celebrate the inner strength and sense of well being that come from allowing your body to experience the joy of movement. Living an active lifestyle is a miracle tonic!

Make fitness a priority. Plan family and personal vacations around fitness, or invite a colleague to “do business” over a walk rather than lunch, coffee or drinks. Walk to the bank to use the teller machine. It’s like winning the lottery. You put your card in and money comes out!

Learn how to frolic In Nature! Here are some gorgeous areas you’ll see in the pictures at the top of this post that I have just visited. Today I hiked to 2 gorgeous places in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

Every time that I hike in nature I am reminded of the payoff–the benefits of keeping fit and healthy. If I still weighed 400 pounds, I never would be able to walk and gawk in these beautiful spots. I hope you enjoy visiting these areas with me. Notice the Benefits of Being Active!

Check out the Frolic in Nature link for pictures of some amazing places in the Pacific Northwest. Frolic In Nature! and The Power Of Fun!

How about for Bob? What Is Bob’s Regular Workout? and Investigate The Anatomy of Persistence–How Does Bob Keep Going When Injured?

If you struggle with some physical limitations and can’t be as active as you want, perhaps check out: Exercising with Health and Physical Challenges and Managing Emotional Pain of Chronic Illness and Trauma

To check out the whole section on my site that explores being more active go to:

If you’re a Facebook user, look up and “like” Fitting in Fitness, at This group is powered by the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services Department.Healthy Living in the Northwest BLOG: related blog is at are by the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services Department.

Now it’s your turn to explore what’s right for you. What do you enjoy? What fits your abilities, finances, and schedule? How can you adapt to life’s changes in ways that enable you to remain consistently active?

Have fun and happy almost summer!

🙂 Bob

3 thoughts on “Discover the Power of FUN: Celebrate Enjoyable Ways to be Active for Life!

  1. Very interesting article, just like the whole of your website!! It’s full of so much precious advice! Thank you for what you do!

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