Radiate Your Light and Love to the World!

Radiate Your Light and Love to the World…..

How does your completely alive, vibrant, awake nature naturally express itself? See yourself—each day—with every interaction, in every situation, naturally exuding the following qualities:


You radiate peace and contentment, impartial love, profound compassion, infinite tenderness and kindness, complete acceptance that has perspective on life’s journey, tender caring, and non-judgment.

Envision these qualities and send them out first to yourself,

and then to all other creatures on Earth.

God's Ecstacy 

Art:  Ansgar Holmbery, CSJ  Courtesy of www.ministryofthearts.org
For a PDF printable version of the globe meditation GLOBE MEDITATION WEBSITE.pdf

This lovely artwork is called: God’s Ecstasy by Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ. This drawing and many other wonderful products can be purchased at www.ministryofthehearts.org

Example of a Prayer Reminder

I imagine sending out loving, healing thoughts and aspirations to everyone on earth. Sending HUGS to all friends, strangers, and enemies. Don’t we all need embracing? Don’t we all need to feel loved and appreciated?


Prayer List 2



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