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A Daily PLAN

A Daily PLAN:   A-E-I-O-U + Y: Take Your “MEDS”

Sleep, Breathe, Drink Water, Rest,

AM Meditation, Evening Self-reflection…

Slow down! Take the Time.


Make a commitment to yourself:

A = Abstinence from addictive choices…food plan…self-restraint

E = Exercise…physical activity

I = “I”…self-care

O = Others…interact in relationships

U = Uncover feelings…I feel…


Y = Yahoo…I’m grateful! for…




Take your DAILY MEDS: “I pray that I’ll non-negotiably take my MEDS – Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Social connection……out of unconditional love and acceptance of myself I will take my meds….”

Don’t look around and see what the world needs.

LOOK at what you need to truly come alive

and give that to yourself,

because what the world needs is…

“truly alive people”,

and give that gift to the world!

— Harold Thurman Whitman

106 GIVING LIFE!_1324703

 Be yourself.

Life is precious as it is.

All the elements for

Your happiness

are already here.


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He Was Only a Chocolate Chip Cookie, But I Loved Him!

I met him at a party. There he was at the end of the buffet table–a loner, the last one on the plate. He had a certain something–a sweetness, a sensuality. He was one hot cookie!

I felt as if I’d always known him, always hungered for him. When he looked at me with those warm brown eyes, I melted. Before I knew it, I had my hands on him, my mouth on him–in public! After that night, we were inseparable.

With him, I could be myself. He didn’t seem to care what mood I was in, how I looked, even if I gained weight. Together we had the recipe for happiness. No one satisfied me like Chip!

Then Things Changed!

My friends said he was no good for me. He started to give me heartburn. I felt crummy, but it had to end.

Now we’ve gone our separate ways. I hardly think of him anymore. Oh, if I see a certain TV commercial, a particular magazine ad, a coupon for 10 cents off–that old longing returns. And when we run into each other in the supermarket, we nod. We’re friendly. But it’s over.

–Author unknown


Footwork of Recovery

Imagine Your Ideal Day! Take Some Time to Experience…


Uncover Your Joy That Is Deep Within!

Whatever thoughts you choose to focus on expand! The more you look for and think about the JOY within you, the more real it will become for you. You create a new habit of mind. EXPLORE: Bob’s Story–The Mental Skills.

I awake feeling calm and peaceful.

I feel protected, cared for, and loved.

I allow time to remember “who I truly am.”

I am looking forward to all of the new experiences I shall have and all of the love I shall give and receive.

I feel filled with energy and exuberance which I bring forth into the activities of the day.

I live my life that day in a wonderful, balanced, and loving way as I give and receive LOVE.

I stay in my “comfort zone.” I rest. I relax and slow down. I practice the Daily Check-in several times during the day. I Relax, Observe, and Allow… Ah…

I have FUN and experience JOY in just being alive! Ah…

As Arnold Patent suggests in his book You Can Have It All, Practice feeling wonderful. Expand your mind. Stretch yourself in your willingness to have a higher quality experience than you had the day before. Keep improving your willingness to experience more beauty, aliveness, harmony and joy in your life.


Search out JOY…

Feel it.

It takes practice.


I learned about my thinking habits. I discovered that “what I think becomes me.”  Whatever I put my focus on… EXPANDS: fears, angry or judging thoughts, or strong unfulfilled desire, or trust, happiness, contentment, and joy. When I constantly think discouraging thoughts about myself and others, I end up feeling very discouraged about everything. I tried it. It works! LIFE IS FULL OF BEAUTY. NOTICE IT

But when I put encouraging, loving, and joyful thoughts into my mind about others and myself, I have a great time! I tried it. It works! The choice is yours—and mine.

64 BE IN AWE_3947653

Please frolic around in:

Be yourself.

Life is precious as it is.

All the elements for

Your happiness

are already here.

14 JUMP FOR JOY_4884755

 There is no need to

Run, strive, search, or struggle.

Just be.

 Thich Nhat Hanh

 For a printer-friendly PDF version: See what you need. Be yoursel1.pdf

What Are We Powerless Over?

                                Serenity Prayer


Well, just about everything! Really, we only can shape our inner attitudes and what we choose to do in each moment. To cultivate healthy thinking habits explore Bob’s Story: Learning Healthy Mental Skills and the choices that we make in each moment to help keep ourselves in balance.

This is quite priceless. Just as I was posting this material to the Website server, the server went down and I got the following message that either the computer program or server had malfunctioned!

I wrote the following list in 1985 when I was feeling overwhelmed by all of life (and again I contemplated these truths again when many sad things happened in my life recently):

What am I powerless over:

  • Things: Dogs barking and “dog DO”, birds chirping loudly at 4 in the morning and bird droppings, computers and technological gadgets, appliances, cars, stereos, radios, TVs, hot water heaters, clothes to buy and iron and keep up. EVERYTHING–that BREAKS DOWN, falls apart, and requires attention (which is really everything).

  • The world: The seasons, sun, weather, humanity’s misuse of LOTS of things, wars and the military, starvation, sickness, animals, plants, insects, moles, pollution, the seas and the rivers, dry land and earthquakes, mountains, and ALL people.

50 PEACE ON EARTH_2738481

  • Being human: Having feelings. Family members’ diseased conditions and my distress over it (I have felt deep frustration, anxiety, fear, loneliness, sadness, and found myself crying over sick family members’ illnesses. I later learned how to set better limits for myself when caring for others. Explore: Coping With Caregiving.) Having a body, a mind, and a spirit, limitations, needs. MANY human beings are incredibly kind and generous! At the same time, many of them may be doing things that are harmful to themselves or others, things that I can’t control. Things like: smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, overeating, working too hard…

  • Sexuality: Being a man or a woman, sexual organs and function, need for intimacy, emotional cycles, body changes, genetics, changes in appearance and metabolism.

26 USE YOUR BRAIN_6422247

  • Self-esteem and ego: Old tapes or total self-dislike, mood swings, personality, seriousness, not forgiving myself, compulsive behaviors. It seems SO easy to adopt harmful patterns and habits, and SO HARD to change or transform them.

  • Things I should do: Be thoughtful, kind, loving, considerate to all people, use gifts and talents to help people, NOT be selfish; be happy, joyous, and free; be hard-working and contribute to society.

  • People: My mother, father, brother, grandmother, friends, co-workers–people in my life I REALLY care for–and can’t make it “all better” for them.


  • Housework: Dirty dishes, sinks, counters, messes from hobbies, old family possessions, junk mail, flooding basements, broken windows, furnaces (and filters!), refrigerators, stoves, and dirty ovens.


  • Responsibilities of life: SELF–taking care of body and mind, support groups to deal with compulsions; WORK AND CAREER–updating knowledge, planning and organizing, meeting deadlines; FAMILY–concerned, helpful, involved; OTHER RELATIONSHIPS– work, society, Creator, friends; paying bills, concern for the world and needs of spreading altruistic activities. Really all of life is being in relationship with self and countless others.

123 WISDOM WAY_6978277

  • Money: Loans to family and friends, worldwide ministries, giving to poor or needy people, world system of finance, and taxes.

  • Repetitive tasks: Eating, shopping, laundry, cleaning house, work, mowing lawns, weeding, edging, brushing our teeth and using dental floss, taking baths, washing hair and putting on make up.

  • God or Creator: He is IN CHARGE, I’m not! The world is already set up and I just dropped in to visit! I then am born into a certain family situation which provides many special blessings and challenges. I’m supposed to have FAITH–our Creator demands everything of us and then apparently refuses to talk directly to us (like out of a burning bush, as with Moses! I’ve always wanted a burning-bush sign!). There IS a God and I’m NOT it!

  • Time: It marches on…I can’t do everything all-at-once, nor everything I seem to need to do; the past and the future; I only have…right now.

  • Society: Spending so much on war, and so little on social needs; its material focus and “beautiful body” focus; society equating what you DO is who you ARE.


How about for you? What do you feel you are powerless over? How will you respond to the events in your life over which you have no control?

Serenity Prayer

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