Day of Metta For All Beings

The World Day of Metta’s Mission is to create a change in the climate of global consciousness so that the basic needs of ALL beings may be met. May the Metta become the central tenet by which humanity makes choices.


Why Metta?

The Metta advocates using our most powerful tools, love and kindness, for personal, ecological, and social transformation. The Metta is a new story to seed consciousness with joyous possibility so that fresh air, water, food, love, joy and peace become realities in this world. As a platform on which all ecological and social movements may stand, the Metta highlights WE consciousness, unity and relationship. Metta promotes a worldview that can free us from the grip of the industrial growth society for when we draw our thoughts, words, actions, principles, and policies from the Metta, we can return to harmony within ourselves and in the world.

Lovely Smiles

Click here to learn more about The Metta.

View photos from our 2014 event in Boise

May all beings have fresh air to breathe

May all beings have fresh clean water to drink

May all beings have food to eat

May all beings have a home

May all beings have someone to share love with

May all beings know their true purpose

May all beings be well and happy

May all beings be free from suffering

Today, I shall do what I can to make this so.




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