Restoring Balance and Inner Harmony During Our Busy Days

Tis the season to sometimes get over busy!

79 MULTITASK_1768189

Gee…there are SO many things to do….work, shopping for special gifts for those we love, cleaning house, connecting with family and friends, shopping for and cooking healthy foods, trying to fit in some time for physical activity, attending numerous parties and pot lucks, possibly attending your spiritual group…and the list goes on and on…

6 SCREAM AT SELF_1847171

Has any time been set aside for rest, maybe a nap, or some time for contemplation and personal restoration??!! What tends to happen to you if you get too out-of-balance and frazzled? Do you make the most skillful and effective life choices at that time?

85 MEDITATION_5840489

This has happened to me recently and I revisited my “tool kit” of helpful practices to get centered….ah…that felt better! I set priorities…and slowed down! I can’t do it all.

Here are a couple of previous articles from my BLOG that I revisited (even I need to read these things over too!!! ):



Wishing you peace and contentment during this holiday season!

106 GIVING LIFE!_1324703

By the way…my birthday is on Christmas Day.


One thought on “Restoring Balance and Inner Harmony During Our Busy Days

  1. Hi Bob,
    Great reminders for us all. Thank you! And, since we cannot during this season take “time out to stop and smell the roses” in our gardens…why not visit a local florist/ store and buy yourself roses! Or, take one to someone who is housebound. In taking these small moments of time from our busy schedules it surely makes a difference for us and those we share with.
    Happy Holidays and a Happy Birthday Bob!

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