Overwhelmed? Are you TOO Busy??!!

  Overwhelmed? Too Many Empty Calories?

Are you over busy?

Burning the candle at both ends gives a great light…

but drips wax on the carpet!!!

                                                                                      Taken from The Economist magazine

Are you feeling a bit stressed out? Agitated? Exhausted? Burned out? Do you feel like running away from all of your daily responsibilities? What happens to your healthy living patterns when you feel this way? Do you still find that you eat healthfully? How about your active lifestyle? Do you feel nourished by your activities or do you feel drained by them?

4-Stop Believing

Have you been absorbing too much information? Experiencing too many meetings, too many phone calls? Too much stimulation? Do you feel that you are on a treadmill running around in circles? Do you find that you love all of life but there is just TOO MUCH of it? I certainly feel this way at times! Watch the mental pressure cooker. Look seriously. Make choices wisely.

I encourage you to take some time to shine the light of attention towards yourself and notice how your body and emotions respond to the way you are presently creating your daily routine.

Do you hunger for some alone time? Time just to BE and not DO? Time just to relax, nurture yourself, and restore balance to your life? Ah…

5-Being The Fastest

Perhaps you might benefit from taking in some beneficial, wholesome, calming, nurturing nutrients. Step back from the RUSH of your life. Give yourself some space.

You might find that this feels uncomfortable and difficult to do. Perhaps you’ve developed the HABIT of being always rushed and harried and don’t know HOW to slow down. I encourage you to explore other sections of the Cultivating Balance section, especially :

See below the Self-Nurturing and Self-Esteem ideas: Learn the skills for emotional nurturing. They’re euphoric and non-caloric! Learning and practicing these skills will help to transform emotional eating.

Body Scan

Begin to notice that if you choose to keep your life over busy, you might find yourself spontaneously and uncontrollably turning to food to help you numb out and manage the stresses that you are feeling. Consider exploring:

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