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Out of Hell, Into Freedom Thoughts

Going Within For Your Answers


We all arrive at that place where our thinking is confused and reflects a great deal of inner distress. I have found new seed thoughts and insights that I plant into my mind at those times.

When I’m confused, cranky, compulsive, discouraged, frustrated, or angry, I go out for a walk. Walking for me is like a mini-vacation from my daily routine and worries. It always relaxes and revitalizes me. It is a time for inner reflection. I bring along a piece of paper with the following thoughts listed and one-by-one and consider the following:

Wise beings shape their own lives: My choosing to take time to consider the following thoughts is a gift to me.   I choose to nurture a sense of joy & contentment!   Remember, I choose my own state of mind.


Loving-kindness & good wishes:

What do I really need right now, in this moment, to be happy?

Am I happy? May I be happy. May I be free! Now.

Compassion: May I be free from pain & sorrow.

May I be free from danger & harm.

May I:

Patience: Let go of the tension to achieve, do, grasp or understand anything. Allow the present moment.


Nurturing joy:

Each person is the owner of his or her own choices.

Today, am I being enough? Consider:

May I CELEBRATE the weeds, the flowers and the cultivation of life—from seed potential—to flowering of wonders.   May I experience a deep feeling of trust & contentment in life’s mysterious journey.   May I remember that I am surrounded by infinite love.  


May I trust that all people are cared for and have universal support for all of their needs to be met.


It is not my job to fix the world. It doesn’t need fixing. Release from shutting down my joy because of the world’s suffering.


Honor the suffering of each being and what it teaches them.

May I guide the being that lives inside of my skin with great tenderness and respect.


I can:

·         Trust life’s process,

·         Flow with unfolding events,

·         Surrender to what is and what isn’t,

·         And have contentment. All is well.

May I trust the process & timing of life’s journey of evolution—from one change to another.


As I calm down the chaos in my mind, my mind reflects understanding and insight into the wonders and challenges of life. It becomes like a lake, which, after a storm passes, becomes calmed of ripples. Ah…

May I become a doctor to my own mind!


May all people have happiness and the causes of happiness.

May all people be free of anguish and the causes of anguish.

May all people not be separated from the great happiness that is beyond all misery.

May all people abide in balance, free of bias, attachments and anger.  

To Your Own Self Be True!Serenity Prayer

I open my heart up to light-heartedness!

I open my heart up to joy!

I open my heart up to laughter!

 I open my heart up to FUN!


The day of non-judgment is coming!!!

Don’t look around and see what the world needs.

LOOK at what you need to truly come alive

and give that to yourself,

because what the world needs is…

 “truly alive people”,

  and give that gift to the world!

                                                                           Harold Thurman Whitman

Angels Song

I intend with my whole being to cultivate and grow a heart that is

–intimate with and accepting of–all of life!

I will free my heart from all suffering, pain, and distress!

Be happy for this moment--it is your life!